Urinary Tract Infection Testing by PCR (UTI )

  • UTIs are among the most prevalent community acquired and hospital acquired infections, affecting almost 50% of the population at least once in their lifetime, and account for considerable amounts of morbidity and healthcare expenditure in the US, with an estimated annual cost of $3.5 billion. (1)
  • The emergence of drug-resistant and multidrug-resistant pathogens is further driving the need for expeditious diagnosis and prudent use of antibiotics. (1)
  • Research in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology; May 2016 T. Price et al. indicated that:
    • Traditional urine cultures missed 67% of uropathogens overall and 50% in the group with severe symptoms.

The Stone Way

Stone Clinical Laboratories’ UTI by PCR Testing Platform

  • 98% sensitivity
  • Testing platform incorporates analysis of resistance genes to aid in the therapeutic selection of non-resistant and sensitive antibiotics
  • Stone Clinical Laboratories’ UTI by PCR testing covers > 90% of the most common causative bacteria found in uncomplicated UTIs
  • Testing for broad range pathogens helps identify potential poly-infections due to multiple organisms.
    Average 48hr turn around time on specimen processing

Stone Clinical Laboratories