h1 tag with class t-txt-clr1

h2 tag with class t-txt-clr2

h3 tag with class t-txt-clr3

h3 tag with class t-txt-clr4

Span with t-txt-h1 class
Span with t-txt-h2 class
Span with t-txt-h3 class
Span with t-txt-h4 class
Span with t-txt-big class
Span with t-txt-med class
Span with t-txt-norm class
Span with t-txt-sm class
Span with t-txt-xsm class

class t-txt-grey1 with pad-25pc, t-bg-clr1, and marg-25pc
class t-txt-grey2 with pad-50pc, t-bg-clr2, and marg-25pc
class t-txt-grey4 with pad-75pc, t-bg-clr3, and marg-75pc
class t-txt-grey4 with pad, t-bg-clr4, and marg
You can hide any element with the class t-hide

You can set what side you want to effect padding or margins by appending “-lt” for left, “-rt” for right, “-top” for top, “-bot” for bottom: I.E pad-25pc-top will only add 25% padding to the top of an object.

All default styles are set under Themes in Thundercracker-child/css/scss/_trellis-config.scss
Trellis is the CSS framework the site is built with.

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